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Real Pain and Stress Relief

We provide complementary and alternative therapies to help relieve pain and stress.

We also offer courses and products to help you achieve balance and harmony in mind, body and soul

What we do

Assess and realign your energy imbalances

Pain and stress are your body's signals that 'something isn't right' and needs adjustment.  All too often, the site of your pain is not the cause.  Using Kinesiology muscle testing to get feedback from your body, we can identify what's causing the pain so you can release it and bring your body, mind and emotions into balance and harmony.  

Read the "What is Kinesiology?" blog post for more...

Safe and Effective

We use a non-invasive approach to assess and correct any imbalances... no needles or nasties. Your body knows what's best.

Gentle Approach

Gentle techniques are used to release muscle tension and strengthen weaknesses in the body.  Gain more range of movement in your body.

Feel Lighter

Many clients report a sense of lightness as they release the 'burdens from their shoulders'. Think more clearly and feel inspired to do more...

Courses and training on offer

Energy reset workshop

Learn muscle testing basics and how to perform a full body energy balance. Click here to find out more...


This course is for massage therapists to learn how to apply kinesiology corrections in their treatments.  With these skills, massage therapists can deepen the level of healing they provide their clients.  Contact us to find out when and where these courses are offered.


If you love having Kinesiology done on you and you're fascinated by the way it works, you might consider becoming a practitioner yourself. If you love to help people feel better and do better, this could be a wonderful next step in your life.  This type of healing work is very well suited to therapists, nurses, doctors and anyone with an interest in the energy realm.  Click here to find out more...

why we do it

We’ve been there

For those times when you're "at the end of your tether" and don't know what else to do.  When you feel as though you've tried everything else and nothing has worked to get to the bottom of why it hurts... Kinesiology often helps shed some light and awareness on to the situation and help to clear away pain and stress - almost like magic!! 

For business owner, Megan Williams, Kinesiology is the thing that helps her cope through some of life's really tough situations.

We want to spread love and laughter

With the constant demands from work, family and life it's easy to get caught in the cycle of stress.  Not feeling loved and appreciated for your contributions to it all can breed resentment and discontent.  We want to put a stop to this cycle and help you reconnect to yourself so you too, can spread love in the world and feel loved in return and fill your life with more laughter, joy and positive energy!

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