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What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology can be viewed in two distinct and very different ways...  This post describes both types of Kinesiology and how they are applied in the real world!  

Kinesiology... As A Science  

As a science, Kinesiology is the study of the form and function of the human body.  How the body moves, the mechanical function of movement.

Health modalities like Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapists, Personal Training (and others) use the knowledge of kinesiology principles to understand how the human body moves.  Knowing which muscles are being activated during specific movements helps these practitioners to provide the right exercises and treatments for their clients.

The term ~logy refers to the science or study of something.

The origin of the term "kinetic" (from which Kinesiology comes)... originates from the mid 19th century: from Greek kinētikos, from kinein ‘to move’.  Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinetic

Kinesiology... As A Therapy

Kinesiology is an alternative, complementary health modality that helps with the reduction of stress and energy imbalances within the body.

As a therapy, Kinesiology uses muscle testing (also known as muscle monitoring) to get feedback from your body's nervous system and other energy systems about where stress and energy imbalances are in your body.

A fully qualified Kinesiologist understands...

  • the science (the form, movement and function of the body) and the
  • energetic anatomy of the body (the nervous system, acupuncture meridian system and chakra system)

...and combines that knowledge to apply the required corrections.

A Kinesiology session is commonly called a 'Balance'.  This is because the Kinesiologist will assess your energy systems for stress (using muscle testing) then clear and balance out that stress, so that your energy systems can return to optimal flow and function.

How does Kinesiology Work?

Kinesiology works as a Biofeedback tool.  Biofeedback, in this sense, means = the process of gaining greater awareness of the state of the energy pathways of the body (namely the body's nervous system, acupuncture meridian system and the chakra system).

This means... your body's energy system is assessed using muscle testing.  The feedback you get from your muscles being tested gives you more understanding and awareness about what's happening "energetically" within your body.

When an individual muscle is tested, it will show one of two possible responses: 

  • It will either LOCK in place and hold in the test position    --OR--
  • It will UNLOCK and move out of the testing position

If it Locks in place, this is an indication that the energy circuits are in tact (no stress present)

If it Unlocks, this is the feedback that tells you the energy circuits are imbalanced, not working (ie.  stressed)

Your Kinesiologist will continue to test the muscle against many different correction options to find what will LOCK the muscle in place and reconnect the energy circuits so that the stress is removed.

The type of correction needed to restore balance and flow to the energy system will be suited to your specific situation and needs.  YOUR BODY WILL INDICATE WHAT IT NEEDS TO FIX THE PROBLEM.

There is a huge database of correction methods and techniques that a fully trained Kinesiologist can call upon to test for you.

A small sample of some of these types of corrections include:

Geopathic Corrections

"Geo~" relates to the earth.  We are all becoming more familiar with electro-magnetic fields as science is able to detect these frequencies.  Some people can be very sensitive to the environment and the energies around them.  These types of corrections can include:

  • Balancing your energy field from natural geopathic stresses like underground streams, Ley lines, volcanic activity, mineral deposits, weather, planet positions, and so on...
  • Manmade geopathic stresses can include electric wires, water pipes, landfill, gas mains, steel foundations, Wi-Fi, air pollution, chemicals and so on.

Your Kinesiologist will be able to muscle test to work out if your energy can be balanced to better cope with these stresses, what can be done to offset the stress or if the stress needs to be eliminated completely.

What Happens In a Kinesiology Session?

Once you've decided that you want some help for a specific problem (which might be pain, being over-weight, stress, anger management etc) you have your initial consultation with your chosen Kinesiologist.

In the initial session, you will tell your Kinesiologist the history of the problem:  like when it started, what the symptoms are, any medical/personal information relevant to the issue.

Together you will then discuss your expectations, what you want to achieve, what your goals and desires are and the specific results you want get.  You will develop and set a plan together to achieve those outcomes.

How long it takes to achieve the ultimate outcome or desired result, will depend on the complexity of your problem and how far away you are right now from that end result.​ 

This may include many smaller goals along the way as you make progress to your ultimate outcome.

Your initial session will include your very first "BALANCE".  You will start with your initial goal.  And then this is where the muscle testing part comes in.

While you keep this initial goal in mind, your Kinesiologist will muscle test, one or many muscles, to identify where your energy systems are out of alignment with that goal/outcome that you want.

Then your Kinesiologist will help you to understand what the underlying problem is and what's blocking the achievement of this goal (using muscle testing).

Then you can work out what your body needs to fix it and align your energy with your desired goal.

With your energy system aligned and balanced for achieving the goal, the actions you need to take are much easier, because there is no stress blocking it anymore.

Want to Book Your Own Kinesiology Session?

Kinesiology is a rapidly growing healing modality.  More and more Kinesiologists are being registered as qualified practitioners every day.

If you want to want to see a Kinesiologist in-person in your home city or town, simply do a local google search to find your nearest practitioner.

If you'd like to work via Skype with Megan, you can Click Here to Book an Online Consultation.

If you have questions about Kinesiology and how it help you, you can post your comments below or email info@libertyhealing.com.


Beats Counselling Any Day!

Thank you Megan! I just wanted to let you know some wonderful changes in my life since having Kinesiology sessions with you.

I found the clarity of mind and confidence to ditch my job and move on to a great new workplace.

Thank you so much... I couldn’t have found my way through last year without you.

Your Kinesiology sessions helped me to have a whole different level of understanding myself… beats counselling anyday!

Jenny Fritz

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