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Kinesiology Appointments

You now have two ways to access kinesiology...

  1. In person at my Bundaberg Clinic
  2.  Remotely for distance healing sessions via Skype or Facebook Messenger

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Is this your First Consultation?  Here's what to expect...

Online Kinesiology Consultations are performed via Skype or Facebook Messenger, so that we can see each other and fully connect.

Initial consultations last for approximately 1.5hrs.  We will discuss your current problems and issues, take any relevant medical/personal history and get clear on your goals and desires for what you want to achieve.

If you've had Kinesiology work done in person before, you will be familiar with the muscle testing process. 

Because I won't be able to actually touch you in an online consultation, I will be muscle testing on your behalf, using my own body as a surrogate for your energy.

If you've never had muscle testing done before  - I suggest you read this post: 

What Is Kinesiology
for more detailed information before booking your appointment.

Your privacy and security is a top priority for us!  Please know that you are paying on a 100% secure site.

Kinesiology with Megan Williams

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Online Appointment Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE:  Once you have received your Appointment Confirmation Email, you are bound to attend the appointment.  24 Hours Notice is required for any cancellations or re-scheduling of appointment times.  This rule applies both ways.  

If for any reason, Megan is unable to keep the appointment time and you are not given at least 24hrs notice to re-schedule, you will receive a FULL REFUND and your re-scheduled appointment for FREE.  

For ONLINE CONSULTATIONS... Megan will attempt to contact you approximately 5 mins prior to your appointment time.  If you have not responded or connected within 15mins of your scheduled time, your appointment will be considered forfeited and NO REFUNDS will be granted.  

Your time and Megan's is important - with mutual respect and consideration we can help each other.  Please do not book an appointment if you don't agree to these terms.

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