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Muscle testing allows you to accurately pinpoint exactly where stress lies in the body.  You won't know how to the heal stress if you don't know precisely where it is.


The fastest way to heal, is to apply the right technique at the right time.  You don't want to waste time trying to heal stress with the wrong method. 


When energy is balanced and flowing in your body, you can handle things with grace and ease.  When energy is scrambled or blocked, that's when overwhelm and frustration can set in.  Knowing what to clear and how to heal it gives you the control you need to stay clear and focused.  Just watch as your level of confidence and self-esteem soars!!


Everything in this universe has a specific frequency.  Discover how to quickly align your energy and tune your frequency, to match what it is that you want in life.


The most comprehensive workshop offered entirely online.  Videos taken directly from a live workshop, edited and produced for the home learning environment.  No need to miss out on this training if you don't live near a workshop presentation.

Meet the Author...

​Megan Williams

​Megan is a Specialised Kinesiologist and Remedial Massage Therapist. She is passionate about sharing healing tools and techniques with mums who want to help their kids be cool, calm and confident. 

Navigating the world of emotions isn't always easy, but our reactions to them can either hinder us or help us!

Parenting isn't the easiest job in the world!  But the stress relief tools and strategies that ​Megan shares will help you create more Harmony, Health and Happiness in your family.

​Megan xx

“Learning how to muscle test and relieve emotional stress for my kids could be the best thing I've ever done as a parent!”

I Felt So Sad For Them: Until I Discovered This

Is There Too Much Stress & Disharmony in Your Home?

Don't know what to do when you're kids are upset or distressed?

Are your kids showing signs of depression or anxiety and you don't know what to do?

Struggling with shouting, anger and temper tantrums?

That's what I saw in my children after my divorce.  They were angry and upset. 

I struggled to calm them and didn't know what to do to help them.  I was stressed to the max, and I could see the stress and strain from the separation having a very negative effect on their state of mind and emotional wellbeing. 

I felt hopeless as a mother because I didn't have any skills or knowledge that could help ease their pain!

I watched them go from gentle, calm, loving little boys into angry, upset and distressed behaviours like hitting, yelling and fighting with me and each other.

I tried getting some help for myself to start with (knowing that I couldn't help them if I couldn't get my own stress handled).  I started with some counselling - which helped me better understand what I (and they) were going through, but it didn't help me release the stress I was feeling inside.

When I was first introduced to Kinesiology, I was amazed and in awe of how different I felt inside after having a balance.  It was like a huge weight had just dropped off my shoulders and all of a sudden I felt powerful and capable of handling the boys emotions much better.

I knew that I wanted to understand more about this healing method, so I began to study to become a Kinesiologist.

That's when I knew I could really help...

When I realised that I now had a complete toolkit under my belt of techniques and ways to actually clear stress from the body, I knew I was finally going to be able to help my boys in a way that I would never have believed possible before.

What learning Kinesiology and the amazing art of muscle testing has allowed me to do, is quickly get to the real cause of stress and clear it out (for myself and others).

With divorce and separation affecting more and more children every year, I couldn't possibly heal all those kids myself, so I want to teach other parents how to heal themselves and their kids from the stresses involved in this traumatic event in their lives.

Using the principles of muscle testing for energy imbalances (aka - stress), and the energy correction techniques that Kinesiology teaches, will help you quickly clear stress from your mind and body so that you can move past the stress and focus on creating happy, healthy relationships and teach your kids how to do the same.

Kids learn about relationships primarily from their parents.  So when you set an example of clearing your own stresses and learning about emotional clearing, they will see the changes in your level of positivity and ability to cope under stress.

Then you can share these same strategies with them, so they can be empowered to create positive relationships in their own lives and deal with their life stresses in a whole new way.

Introducing the ENERGY RESET Workshop...

The Energy Reset Workshop is all about: 

Learning how to clearly identify what's not working in your life
Craft a compelling vision of what you want to create in your life

Most personal development and self-help training stops here.  But the Energy Reset Workshop takes it to a whole new (and much deeper level)...

By teaching you how to then adjust, clear and balance your energy to align with this new vision

The ENERGY RESET Workshop...

  A Video Training Courses that teaches you the
Amazing Healing Art of

Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Get Started The Right Way

Lesson 1           

Being super clear on why you're doing this workshop will help you to stay motivated... all the way to the end!

Improve Energy Flow

Lesson 3              

Learn how energy flows within your body so you can boost energy to your whole body.

The Foundation of Wellness

Lesson 5              

Learn about the Pyramid of Health... to create true health, wellness and happiness in your life!

Change Starts Here...

Lesson 2              

To make changes in your life, first you must know what you're working with.  Discover that in this lesson!

Change Your Reactions

Lesson 4              

Find out how energy moves into and out of your body and why you react the way you do.

Clearing Out The Stress

Lesson 6              

Discover what stress really is!  What's truly upsetting your health and how to fix it.

How It All Works: What You’ll Get

36 Lessons in over 7 Hours of
Video Training - Just like being there Live
Learn at Your Own Pace

Never have a question go unanswered!  Membership to our Exculsive Facebook Student Group included

Full PDF Training Manual Included
Reference Charts,  Worksheets, easy to follow diagrams and systems

Once your enrollment is complete, you can begin learning straight away.  You get immediate access to all training videos and materials.  Simply go through the lessons in order.  Each lesson is designed to build upon the last.  Giving you the background knowledge you need and increasing your skills with practice time at each step of the way.

What Previous Students Say...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I wanted a way to help myself and my kids and get a deeper understanding of kinesiology. If you’re thinking about doing this… Go for it!

Sheralee O'Brien (Yoga Health Coach)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“This workshop is excellent. I wanted to learn how to do a balance, how to help my family using kinesiology and get a deeper level of knowledge about the subject.

I now have a daily routine using the kinesiology dance. Just running the meridians has definitely improved my thinking, movement and outlook.

I've also balanced some family members and friends - starting with a negotiated goal and proceeding to completion, successfully, with the client being able to notice a lot of difference in how they felt.

It was great learning in such a supportive environment with a very good teacher who gave great explanations and made learning fun.

Don't miss the opportunity to do this workshop! It is amazing and the knowledge can change your life and health.”

Lesley Bath (Energy Reset Workshop Student)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Excellent workshop!

Learning how to muscle test for energy imbalances, testing for the associated emotion and how to make corrections to balance the body was so exciting.

It rekindled my desire from years ago to study this wonderful modality and I have now started studying to become a Kinesiologist.

Now I feel more contented and at peace with myself.

I thoroughly recommend Eovi's workshop. She is a great presenter and makes the classes interesting and fun and explains everything well.

The workbook she compiled is very well presented, informative and easy to follow.

Deb Stubberfield (Bowen Therapist & Kinesiologist in Training)

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is not for everybody, use this section to help you decide if Learning to Muscle Test is right for you!


  • You're a parent looking for a safe, easy way to help your kids when they're upset or distressed
  • You have a natural desire to help your family
  • You want to learn more about Kinesiology and muscle testing
  • You're struggling with stress yourself and you're looking for healthy, natural ways to heal


  • You don't like to touch others in a healing way
  • You don't believe in complementary or alternative healing methods
  • You want the advice of a Doctor
  • You're not prepared to open your mind and discover new ways to heal your life and share with your family and friends
Learn to Muscle Test in a Weekend

Try this online course risk free for 30 Days and if you're not confident about your ability muscle test and clear stress, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

​Megan Williams

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Exclusive Access to this Private Student Members Only group.  Never let any questions go unanswered.  We're here to support your learning every step of the way.


FREE Consultation with ​Megan

For a LIMITED TIME you can work 1-on-1 with ​Megan.  Get a free 30 minute personal "Stress Clearing" consultation. Get help to set a plan for your training, and start clearing ​any blocks to learning something new.


Free Bonus Training

Discover new ways to apply your new knowledge for real world situations.  Learn to clear visual blockages (the things you see that upset you).  Use what you learn to help your kids improve their reading and comprehension.

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Day 1

  • Learn about your inner energy system - meridians and chakras
  • Discover what Stress really is and how to clear it with 6 different energy corrections!
  • Learn to Muscle Test the first 4 muscles in the sequence
  • How to prepare yourself and your client for accurate results
  • Full Workshop Manual includes all correction points
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download
  • Upgrade anytime!

Full Workshop
Day 1 & 2

  • ALL 36 Lessons of both days of the workshop
  • Learn to Muscle Test ALL 14 muscles for a full system reset
  • Discover the D.R.E.A.M. Creation Process for aligning your inner body energy with what you want!
  • Exclusive Bonus content
  • Full Workshop Manual
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Full Workshop +
3 Extra Private Sessions

  • EVERYTHING from the Full Workshop, PLUS...
  • Exclusive Bonus content - Learn Specific Real Life Situations in which to apply your new energy balancing skills
  • Private 1-on-1 Help and Balancing via Skype with ​Megan...
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Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try this online course risk free for 30 Days and if you're not confident about your ability muscle test and clear stress, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

​Megan Williams

Don't Let Stress & Emotional Trauma Destroy Your Life Any Longer!