Easeful Vitality Bonus – Liberty Healing

Congratulations on Completing the Easeful Vitality Health Coaching Program with Sheralee

As a Special Bonus Gift for going through this program, I would like to offer you a FREE "Stress Clearing" Kinesiology Consultation, to support you on your journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

Now that you know the habits and mindsets you need to be putting into place in your life to live well, you may be finding it hard to actually implement them or perhaps some stress is being triggered in your life because of them??  You can use this session to clearly identify those stresses and I can help you clear them using Kinesiology.

Making changes in your life isn't always easy!  There can be many things that block and prevent your success.

I'd like to help you work out any potential roadblocks and/or self-sabotaging behaviours that might prevent you from achieving your goals now that you've finished working with Sheralee.

To book this Free Bonus Consultation, simply click the button below to email me directly and we'll set up a suitable time to chat.

In this Initial Consultation I'll ask you some questions about your current goals and get some background history of your specific situation to help you identify your next best step!

The Initial Consultation will be done over Skype or Facebook Messenger so you won't have to go anywhere, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.  It will last approximately 30-45mins.

If you'd like to know more about Kinesiology... What it is, and how it can help you, please read this post on my blog.

I look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you continue toward living a Joyful and Happy Life!


Meet Megan Williams

Megan is a Specialised Kinesiologist and Remedial Massage Therapist. She's an Aussie - through n' through! She loves cuddles with her kids, small country towns and wild caught Atlantic Salmon. If she's not reading, consulting with clients or trying to work out this online business stuff... you'll either find her playing games with the kids or having a nap! 😉 Her mission: TO CHANGE THE WORLD... ONE BALANCE AT A TIME!

Megan Williams Owner - Liberty Healing