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Prepare Your Body for Healing – Getting Grounded

Self Healing - Part 2    

The self healing journey begins with Acceptance!

Part 1 of this Self-Healing Series described a technique you can use to help you accept what's happening right now - even when you disagree or don't like it.

Read about it here if you missed it

Today I'd like to share with you Step 2 in the self-healing journey…

Preparation - Getting Grounded

Imagine you're planning to go on a hike up Mt Everest.

Standing on the summit, legs spread, arms out wide, face to the sky... that's your ultimate goal!!

But before you even get on the plane to go to Nepal, there's a whole lot of planning and training that needs to happen if you want to succeed and reach the top!

Part of that planning involves preparing yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.

And it's the same when you begin on the Self Healing journey.  Once you decide you want to heal past hurts, pain and trauma from your life, you need to prepare for the journey ahead.  

Planning and preparing yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually will help you succeed as you step towards becoming the very best version of yourself.

Here's my favourite technique...

...To help ground you, settle you and make you feel rock solid, before you begin to peel the layers away, that will reveal your best self to the world.

Like a knight donning his armour for protection before battle, when you ground your inner energy and body to the earth, it creates an anchoring force that helps make sure you don't get knocked off your feet and swept away by what's coming (be it real or imagined).

How to Ground Your Energy to Prepare for Healing...

Before and after doing any healing therapy like massage, reiki, chakra balancing, counselling or kinesiology, spend a few moments grounding your energy.

Grounding before healing helps you prepare for releasing whatever is needed to be cleared by your body.

Grounding after any healing therapy helps aid the clearing process and keeps you in a state of balance in the present moment.


If it's possible for you right now, take off your shoes and place your feet directly on the earth - grass, dirt or sand.  Physically touching the earth with your skin is the best option. 


You may choose to stand or sit - whatever makes you comfortable.  Try to have the soles of your feet flat on the ground.


Close your eyes.  Take 3 deep breaths.


Now... focus your attention on the soles of your feet and how they feel as they touch the earth.  Imagine your inner body energy extending through your feet (like roots from a tree) deep, deep down into the earth.  Spreading out in all directions to form a large, stable foundation.  You may find the need to wriggle your toes or move your body gently at this point.


With each exhale of your breath, imagine the roots seeping deeper and further into the earth.  Imagine this 'root structure' is so strong and so intricate, that nothing could possible shift you from this spot - unless you allow it. 

You feel safe, secure - right here, right now.  You are strong and immovable.


After about 1 minute of deep breathing and connecting your energy to the earth, you can bring your focus and attention back to your body and open your eyes.

Repeat this process any time you're feeling unsteady, unsure or too "up in your head". 

Last thoughts...

Move boldy now towards your goals, wants and desires.  Keep striving, persevere and you'll reach the top! 

In love & service

Megan  😉  xx

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