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One Thing You MUST Do to Heal Stress

Self Healing  -  Part 1    

Since I wrote the Stress Survival Kit, I've come to realise that, while it does teach you some really powerful energy balancing techniques, (ones that I use daily)... really is the 10,000ft overview of the healing process.

So this post is to share with you one of the things I consider ESSENTIAL when it comes to true healing,

and I don't think I mentioned it in detail in the e-Book!

Lets start digging into the nitty-gritty stuff that really opens the flood gates to clearing and healing stress.

The non-negotiable aspect I'm talking about in this post is "Acceptance"!

What do I mean by that???

One of the major causes of stress is resistance to what is happening.

We don't like it, we don't agree with it, we want whatever it is, to stop - right now!

This resistance to, what's happening creates a block in your energy flow. You may have heard the saying:

"What you resist... persists!"

I call this resistance... Rejection of Perfection!

When you trust the universe to provide everything you need, and you believe that everything happens for a reason... then nothing that happens can be 'wrong' or 'bad'.

It's meant to be.

  • It's happening to teach you something,
  • to keep you where you are,
  • to push you to where you need to be

Here's how I remind myself to accept what's happening right now and not block up my energy and create stress in my body...

Step 1 - Breathe fully.  Ground yourself to the present moment using your breath.  See the Stress Survival Kit for more information on this step.

Step 2 - Place your hand, gently on your forehead (Emotional Stress Release Technique as taught in my Free Stress Survival Kit e-Book)

Step 3 - Use your senses to describe what's happening (not your emotions).

This is the most crucial step.  The one that helps bring you out of reaction mode and in to choice.  The senses that I'm referring to are: 

  • Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch

Describe what you see and what you hear as if you are a lawyer showing "Exhibit A" to the jury in a court room.  Simply state the facts - out loud or just in your mind - in a way that ALL witnesses could agree upon.


Your shopping with your child.  He asks you for a lolly at the checkout. 

You say, "No!" 

He starts throwing a tantrum.  What do you do?

You might feel totally embarrassed and want to start growling at him to stop.  Some parents may even feel compelled to give a short sharp tap to the behind to stop the tantrum in its tracks. 

But social standards won't condone smacking a child so you struggle with the emotion internally and tense up... anger rising.

Instead - using this step - you call on your senses (primarily your eyes and ears) and start to break down, piece by piece, the facts of this situation...

You hear your child saying "please mum, please can I have it?  I want it"

His tone is high pitched. You see his facial expression is a grimace, he's stamping his feet on the ground...

These are the facts of the situation - no one can deny them!

You might think he's complaining or nagging. 

Another bystander might say that he's expressing what he wants. 

Be careful not to judge or infer anything. 

Ask yourself...

"Is it possible for anyone to have a different opinion on what they think is happening?" 

If the answer is yes, than it's not a fact.

This is a tricky step, and it takes practice to sort the facts from the fiction.

Step 4 - Choose my next move, action, words, behaviour... based on the facts.

I cannot deny the facts - I don't have to like them, or agree with them... ...but I cannot deny them.

When I work with the facts (and not how I feel about them), I can keep the energy flowing in my body and prevent stress from building up.

Try this technique the next time you "cry over spilled milk".

Remember, this situation is perfect!  It's meant to be happening, don't resist it... Accept It!

Acceptance of what is, is the first step in the healing process.  Everything happens for a reason (even when we cannot fathom what that reason might be).

The next step in the healing process is to get grounded and prepare to explore your inner self.  You can read more about that here!

If you found this technique helpful, or you have any questions for me, leave your comments below. 

I love to hear your results (good, bad or otherwise)!

In love & service...

Megan  😉 

About the Author Megan Williams

Megan is a Specialised Kinesiologist and Remedial Massage Therapist. She's an Aussie - through n' through! She loves cuddles with her kids, small country towns and wild caught Atlantic Salmon. If she's not reading, consulting with clients or trying to work out this online business stuff... you'll either find her playing games with the kids or having a nap! ;-) Her mission: TO CHANGE THE WORLD... ONE BALANCE AT A TIME!

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