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How To Transform Into Your Best Self

If you’re like me, and you’re on the journey to transforming yourself into the VERY BEST VERSION OF YOU, then I hope this little lesson I received from my five year old son today, helps you along a little bit further…

"Mum, look what just happened to the ice-cube!” he exclaimed. “Before it was big, and now it’s really small.”

“Why do think that is?” I replied. “What’s the difference between the ice-cube and the lemonade?”

"This ice is frozen and the lemonade is like water," he said.

"You're right.  What about the temperature?  What's different between them?" I asked.

"One's cold and the other one is warm."  (Yes... he couldn't wait for the lemonade to chill in the fridge, he had to have it straight off the shelf, hahahaha?)

"Well, why do you think the cold ice-cube got smaller in the warm lemonade," I asked.

"Because it melted!"

"Yes..." I said.  (Clever little 5 yr old isn't he!)

I continued with my explanation: “It transformed from a solid cold ice-cube into the liquid lemonade because it changed the environment that it was in. It went from an area that was really cold (the freezer that kept it solid as ice) into an area that was warmer, so it couldn’t stay hard like ice any more. It melted into the same state of it’s liquid lemonade environment.”

... Can't you just feel the EPIPHANY coming on that I was about the to have???

​I ask you...

Are you feeling:

  • rigid
  • solid
  • stuck as you are
  • unable to change
  • unable to transform yourself into something different???

IF SO....

Then you may like to set aside some time to reflect on what your current environment is like. 

Are you stuck in a "metaphorical freezer"?

Stuck doing the same things day in, day out?

Still having the same conversations, with the same people, day in, day out?

Tried to change in the past, but failed... and now feel more stuck than ever???  

Ever noticed how when you open the freezer, let in some warm air that melts and transforms just the edges of the ice, and then you close the freezer again.

Next time you open the freezer to get some ice, they all come out in a great big clump, stuck together, because the transformation reverted back to it's same old state - FROZEN SOLID!

For you to make lasting transformation, stick for the long term... The FIRST THING you must do is get yourself into an environment that allows for that transformation to take place!

Get yourself out of the freezer and into the warm air!!!

The longer you spend in environments (and with people) that are the way you want to end up, the faster the transformation will happen.

If you only spend 10 minutes a day "out of your freezer" you're only going to melt and transform a little bit.

If you spend hours a day out of your freezer, you're going to transform a lot.

Whether you choose a little or a lot...'s the consistency that matters!

A little transformation everyday and eventually, you will no longer be that ice-cube. 

Every time you re-enter your freezer, you'll be a little bit smaller.   And less and less of the other ice-cubes will be able to stick to you and hold you back.

You will have transformed into your lovely fluid, flexible, warm, malleable... BEST SELF EVER!

  1.   Write down on a piece of paper, what you want to transform into.  The type of person you want to be!  Describe your VERY BEST SELF!
  2.   Brainstorm what type of environments, this NEW YOU would need to be in.
  3.   Write down the type of people you would need to hang around with and spend more time with.
  4.   List the types of activities and behaviours this NEW YOU would need to do.
  5.   What are the beliefs and attitudes of this VERY BEST VERSION OF YOU?
  6.   Take this list of things and look at it everyday.  Ask yourself this question...

What's the LEAST I could do today, to get myself toward this NEW ME??

7.   Go do that one thing today!  Make it a PRIORITY for yourself...  AND WATCH YOUR LIFE TRANSFORM!

Photo credit: MattysFlicks via Visual Hunt / CC BY

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